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[Copying and pasting from the above link:]

PubSearch is a fast, efficient search tool for scientists, medical
professionals and students who rely on the ability to quickly access the
millions of research papers indexed in PubMed. By combining a simple,
efficient user interface with fast access to the PubMed database, PubSearch
lets you concentrate on finding the research articles you need without
getting in your way.


For about the same price as a cup of coffee, you get full-text access to
millions of scientific articles indexed through PubMed, all in the palm of
your hand.

PubSearchPlus includes EZProxy support, so that even when you're away from
your Institution's network, you can (if your institution uses EZProxy)
access full-text of articles in any journal your Institution subscribes to.

What's new

PubSearch v1.3 saves the current search results when exiting the app.

Importantly this means that when you click "email" to send an article
abstract in an email, and you return to PubSearch, your search results are
still right there!

No more re-entering searches each time you send an article abstract by

Order nolvadex canada, Buy nolvadex pct

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