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Here’s another idea. Just as there are iPhone apps that will tell you the nearest cinema or restaurants (with ratings to boot), and in addition to other smartphone apps such as Handmark’s Express (albeit not location-based, but you can punch in your zip code or city), I propose and am investigating one listing health resources. Get the 411 on categories such as:

  • counseling — places where you can consult for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), pregnancy, pregnancy prevention, travel vaccinations, chronic diseases such as HIV, HBV, diabetes, etc.
  • clinical — places where you can get treated or vaccinated for STIs, chronic diseases, etc., as well as preventive care check-ups, especially low-cost services
  • services — places providing services other than counseling or clinical, such as transportation for those with disabilities, medical translation, wigs, prostheses, etc.
  • action — places where you can lend your skills to promote health (a.k.a. volunteering) — local community-based health organizations, your local government representatives (lobbying), etc.
  • food — healthy food (a good and ample selection of foods that are nutritious and moderate in calories) and safe food (places that understand dietary restrictions)

I provide the content and funding + You (whoever you are) provide the programming and tech support = We enhance and save lives.

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