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Let’s start by saying I didn’t mean to come off as trite in the recent post addressing texting campaigns abroad — indeed I wish I had thought of it and would like to put it to action through personal projects. With that out of the way, next week I get to meet [again] the founder and director of Internet Sexuality Information Services (ISIS), Deb Levine, whose efforts were written up as a case study in a United Nations publication (new goal!), “purchase nolvadex online” with a forward (addressing the publication, not the case study specifically) by Ted Turner. Wow.

Definitely check out the purchase nolvadex pct for more concrete examples to leverage mobile technology. There are other case studies on global health issues such as “Delivering Patient HIV/AIDS care (South Africa),” “Connecting Health Clinics with Remote Health Workers (Uganda),” and “Lowering the Barriers for Access to Public Health Data (Kenya, Zambia).”

But despite all these efforts in Africa, I remain sullen and affected from my recent viewing of The Constant Gardener. It will take a while to unwrench the knife twisted in my gut from that movie. One corporatism tag for Big Pharma for this post. Ugh.

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